Whittington Castle first place in England to hold unique hologram exhibition

Whittington Castle first place in England to hold unique hologram exhibition

Whittington Castle near Oswestry has been chosen as the first place in England to host an innovative exhibition called 'Bringing the Artefacts Back to the People' which sees historic artefacts brought to life in 3D.

The exhibition will be on show at the Castle from 3rd July until 26th August.  Sue Ellis, Whittington Castle Manager said, “The Trustees at Whittington Castle are thrilled to announce that they will be the first place in England to host this unique and innovative exhibition.  So realistic are the holograms that you will be challenged to identify them from the real thing! This is the future for museums and we are proud to be at the forefront of this new technology.”

“There is nothing that gives a feel of past lives and places more than the objects that people used. There is a fascination in seeing a 3000 year old axe head that far surpasses any description that can be given about it. Although the national museums have programmes in place to lend out artefacts it is often is not possible for smaller museums to borrow items that they may wish to – there may not be the space or there may be security and storage issues. This exhibition aims to use modern technology to enable people to view 3 dimensional 'images' of the artefacts in various different forms, from computerised 3D laser scans that allow the visitor to rotate the object around, to analogue full colour holograms that convince the viewer that the object is actually there behind the glass.”

The exhibition has been made possible by funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and is being co-ordinated by Llangollen Museum, working in partnership with a number of other museums across north Wales and the borders and Optic Technium in St Asaph.

Amongst the items scanned for exhibition is a Civil War helmet dating from the early 1640’s and found in the moat at Whittington Castle in approx. 1973-4.

Visitors can enjoy a cup of tea or piece of cake in the Castle Tearoom after visiting the exhibition where freshly prepared sandwiches, home-made soups and locally produced ice-cream is all available. There is also a second-hand bookshop and gift area at the Castle.

For an exhibition of a different kind why not pop into Oswestry and visit the Oswestry Visitor and Exhibition Centre for a range of paintings and art on display, the centre is right in the middle of Oswestry so you can pop into the town and do a spot of shopping at the same time.

For more information visit www.shropshiredaysout.co.uk

Date Posted: 8th July 2010

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