Whitchurch Councillor thanks NoBridge Nurseries

Whitchurch Councillor thanks NoBridge Nurseries  in

Cllr Doris Anker, former mayor of Whitchurch has praised the town’s ‘beautiful’ Victorian Jubilee Park and thanked local company NoBridge Nurseries for looking after it.

Cllr Anker said, “We are very proud of the park and I would like to thank NoBridge Nurseries for maintaining it. Jubilee Park has suffered from vandalism in the past but we do our best to keep it at bay. The Park has a lovely children’s play area with a Victorian bandstand as its centrepiece, which we are delighted to see both locals and visitors enjoy. It is a busy and popular area. Many successful Picnics in the Park and other events have been held here in the past.”

“This also combines with the Harry Richards Garden, dedicated to Harry Richards, a Whitchurch Town Council benefactor who passed away many years ago. We are able to use the interest from his kind donation to the benefit of the townspeople.”

Date Posted: 8th July 2010

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