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A number of our members have contacted us with concerns about search engine optimisation on their own websites. They have been stung by companies offering to increase the traffic to their website and after months of paying large bills they have nothing more to show than receipts. If you feel you are in a similar situation, have been contacted about search engine optimisation or about increasing traffic to your website please read on.

As many of you will know, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the volume and/or improving the quality of visitors to a website from a search carried out in a search engine, such as Google.

With online marketing being such a growth area, you may have already received numerous emails or telephone calls by companies offering to improve your website.

Their messages can take many formats:

  • Search engine optimisation services / increasing website traffic
  • Search engine optimisation review / website review
  • Warning that your website is not optimised

Often companies will reinforce their message by stating that they are partners with Google or have been asked to contact you by a third party. Some companies have been using our name as a way to introduce themselves. Please be warned that Shropshire Tourism would never ask an IT company to contact you. Others will give the message that such services are vital and you are missing out if you do not take them up on their offer.

Although many companies do offer services that are good value for money, many do not. As a member of Shropshire Tourism we are here to support you. If you have any questions regarding the traffic to your website or its search engine optimisation please contact our highly skilled web team. Email or telephone 01743 261919. We are able to offer free honest impartial advice and point you and your website in the right direction.

Date Posted: 6th May 2010

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