The Shropshire Mammoth is the Oldest in Britain

The Shropshire Mammoth is the Oldest in Britain

Mammoth remains discovered in Condover

New radiocarbon evidence from remains from a Shropshire mammoth show that woolly mammoths lived in Britain as recently as 14,000 years ago.

The new evidence, discovered from Shropshire mammoth remains in Condover, Shropshire hailed from an adult mammoth and four juveniles.

Following these new results, scientists now believe that mammoths would have been visible in the UK and indeed on the Shropshire plains some 14,000 years ago rather than the 20,000 years ago previously thought.

For a glimpse of what a Shropshire mammoth would have looked like when walking through  the Shropshire countryside take a visit to the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in South Shropshire where a recreation of the Shropshire mammoth can be seen in all its glory.

Date Posted: 18th June 2009

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