The Land of Lost Content Book

The Land of Lost Content Book

Patrick Fly and The Land of Lost Content Museum owner Stella Mitchell need your help in creating a 272 page case-bound book celebrating the collection of the Land of Lost Content, a museum dedicated to ephemera.

This project has been set up on Kickstarter to ask for the help from the public to contribute funding towards the making of his book. The funding raised will be split between recourses for the content of the book, print copies and to pay contributors a small fee. No profit is intended to be made on this project, it really is a labour of love and a chance to celebrate this amazing museum.

The museum is run by Stella Mitchell who has been collecting British ephemera for over 40 years and is a unique portrait of British society through the goods we throw away. The museum is tucked away in Craven Arms, South Shropshire, a well-kept secret that the producers of the book want the world to know about.

The book will contain 50 beautifully photographed items from the collection, each with a short story, as well as a visual tour of the museum and essays from Professor Teal Triggs and Dr Robert Banham.

Patrick Fly (the designer) and his photographer Inge Clemente have visited the museum and photographed Stella's collection over the last year but still have many items from the museum to shoot. The first intended will be to travel up to the museum and select the final 50 items for the book. We will then photograph each piece and Stella will write a short story for each and the final design will take shape.

The aim is to have all the content ready for the end of April with delivery late May. All funders will be kept up to date with regular news about the book's development.

If you are interested in helping capture this museum's incredible collection of rubbish in a not-so-throw-away, beautiful book, please visit for more information on how to pledge a fund.


Date Posted: 23rd February 2017

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