Spiderman casts his net over Shropshire

 Spiderman casts his net over Shropshire

This week Spiderman arrived in Oswestry, the latest of a series of superhero statues being created by the counties most popular visitor destination.

This particular work of art has been commissioned by the Ironworks to celebrate the launch of the latest superhero movie.

“Spiderman homecoming” was released on the 7th July, in preparation for the schools breaking up for the summer holidays.

The Ironworks , has a superhero collection , being worked upon, including all the greats from the Incredible Hulk to Captain America.

Clive Knowles the founder and chairman, has said, families and especially children really enjoy seeing metal art, that they can directly relate too.

Seeing Spiderman and other superheroes within the sculpture park, really gets the kids engaged, its wonderful seeing their interest in how they are made and realising, that these are made from recycled car and scrap yard parts.

Art, sculpture, needs to resonate with everyone, we are free to visit and we intend, having something for everyone to enjoy , from the most highbrow art to the most popular subjects.


Date Posted: 25th July 2017

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