Shropshire Businesses Making The West Midlands Proud For The Right Reasons

Shropshire Businesses Making The West Midlands Proud For The Right Reasons

Regions are built on great industry and Salop’s no exception. Whether it’s award-winning marmalade or gorgeous views, there are some businesses in Shropshire that are excelling. Here are two of our favourites.


The Barn At Ryecroft

Looking for a weekend getaway in a beautiful part of the UK? Check. Hoping for a rural hideaway with four-star catering and gorgeous pine interiors? You’ve got it. The Barn at Ryecroft is a Shropshire treasure whose location we’re delighted to reveal.

The Barn At Ryecroft has received great feedback from guests since opening two decades ago. Here’s what some of them said:

“The stay has been absolutely brilliant. Loved it at first sight!" – Leon, aged 12

"So thrilled to have discovered The Barn and have revelled in its peace and tranquility. We love the warmth, comfort and cosiness provided and although this is our first will not be our last!" – Betty & Mike

"Beauty, tranquility, friendship and kindness. What more could we ask?" – Roger & Hazel

Local SEO is one of the best ways to boost your ranking in search engines, which is one of the most important headlines you can hit. Positive Google reviews make a huge difference to your ranking and The Barn At Ryecroft have a near perfect score of 4.9/5 stars – a figure that any business would be proud to get.

If you’re planning your next trip away look no further than The Barn At Ryecroft. Get in touch with them today and book a date in your diary!

Ludlow Farmshop

Ludlow Farmshop is one of the jewels of the Shropshire business community. It’s an award-winning company that gives customers a peerless food buying experience. How? Because when you visit it you’ll see retail, farming, & production working together in Shropshire harmony.

Based in Bromfield village, Ludlow Farmshop has eight departments of delicious foods and drinks:


The Dairy

The Butchery

Jams & Pickles

The Kitchen

The Bakery

Ice Cream

Coffee Roasting

The Deli

You can also buy their delicious foods and drinks online. Simply head over to their online store now and treat yourself to their award-winning marmalade – made by talented duo Darren Marsh and Tess Slater.

In addition to an active social media presence (particularly Facebook, where Ludlow Farmshop make near daily posts), Ludlow Farmshop gets recognition by running events. These are often tasters, but they also include craft fairs, gin master classes, and fun days.

If Ludlow Farmshop’s wonderful marmalade has given you food for thought, you could become Shropshire’s next great jam maker. If you’ve got the knack for baking that’s half the battle won. If you sell your jam online there are some certifications you’ll need, but the rest is simple to arrange.

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The right ways to get your Shropshire business in the headlines

Now you’ve seen our duo of brilliant Shropshire businesses, it’s time to explain how you can join them in hitting the headlines for the right reasons. Here’s how you can do it through local SEO, regional content, and joining local organisations.

Submit local content to local publications: Getting press coverage is often about who you know and bringing together mutual interests. Your brand and local publications have a big mutual interest – narrowing your audience tightly towards regional interests. Opening your brand up to an interview, or submitting your own content, is an ideal way of getting into local headlines and building a recognisable brand

Join a local organisation: Community remains an important part of regional business. Working together with your peers gives you strength in numbers, giving you a louder voice and greater recognition. Joining a local organisation and getting active (both online and offline) boosts the number of groups talking about your brand, boosting your chances of hitting the headlines

Onpage website optimisation for local SEO: What are headlines in 2019? Are they inches in a newspaper, your brands name on a billboard, or engagement in social media? One thing they definitely are is being as high up in Google’s SERPs. Local SEO an ideal way to improve your ranking in Google. The video below explains how you can optimise your website for local SEO

These two businesses are catching people’s eyes for all the right reasons, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Salop is full of fantastic companies run by marvellous Salopians, so head over to Shropshire and check them out!

Photgraph credit: lorrainecfletcher

Date Posted: 6th February 2019

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