The True Story of the Bridge Over the River Kwai

<p>The True Story of the Bridge Over the River Kwai</p>

Thursday 9th September at 12 noon at The Gateway Education & Arts Centre, Shrewsbury

Next Thursday JULIE SUMMERS, the grand-daughter of Colonel Philip Toosey, will tell the true story of The Bridge over the River Kwai.  Her outstanding biography of her grandfather is a necessary corrective to the altered and incomplete character portrayed by Alec Guinness in the film "The Bridge over the River Kwai".  Julie  describes in enthralling detail the life of a man who served the Far Eastern prisoners of war right up until his death in 1975, and whose conduct marked him out as a true British hero.
Tickets £6.00 from Caroline Thewles (tel: 01743 353424) or on the door.

Date Posted: 2nd September 2010

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