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US Professor visits Shrewsbury as part of Darwin Celebrations

Shrewsbury welcomed American Professor, Bill Durham from Stanford University in California to the town last week.

Date Posted: 6th February 2009

German World Service comes to Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury has played host to a journalist from the German World Service this week to promote the town's connections with Charles Darwin.

Date Posted: 6th February 2009

New Embroidery Art to Commemorate Charles Darwin

A new piece of embroidery art is currently on show at the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery at Rowley's House.

Date Posted: 6th February 2009

Darwin: Celebrate the man and inspire the future naturalist

The 12th February 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth and what better way to celebrate his birthday than to inspire the next generation of naturalists to get outdoors and explore nature with The Curious Mind of Young Darwin published by Shrewsbury based charity the Field Studies Council.

Date Posted: 6th February 2009

Charles Darwin Commemorative Collection

Hunters of Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury, has recently taken delivery of a range of bone china ware commemorating the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth in 1809.

Date Posted: 6th February 2009

Market Hall Awards Shoppers with Tasty Treat

A leading Shrewsbury shopping destination will be celebrating 'Farmhouse Breakfast Week' on Friday by serving up a breakfast treat.

Date Posted: 27th January 2009

Shropshire's Michelin Stars Continue to Shine

Two Shropshire restaurants feature within the 2009 Michelin guide

Date Posted: 21st January 2009

Who's Banger is the Best? Market Hall Tenants Compete for the Coveted Title

Competition is hotting up at The Market Hall in Shrewsbury as four butchers go head-to-head in the West Midlands tastiest sausage competition.

Date Posted: 16th January 2009

Free help 2 quit clinic at the Market Hall is start of Shrewsbury's quit-a-thon

With the credit crunch leaving many shoppers tightening their purse strings, the Market Hall in Shrewsbury has joined forces with Shropshire County Primary Care Trust to offer people advice on stopping smoking - giving them the option to stop while you shop.

Date Posted: 14th January 2009

South Shropshire Bed & Breakfast features in The Guardian

A South Shropshire Bed & Breakfast features in The Guardian.

Date Posted: 12th January 2009

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