Oswestry wins Council of the Year at National Awards

Oswestry wins Council of the Year at National Awards

The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has announced the winners for its Star Councils 2016 awards which includes an award for Oswestry Town Council.

The Star Councils 2016 awards are an all important recognition of all the amazingly effective hard work this being undertaken by local councils, local councillors, local council officers and workers as well as county associations.

NALC were inundated with hundreds of nominations, which shows and highlights the localist powerhouse work undertaken at the neighbourhood and community level. This all comes within the background of opportunities available through devolution and localism; and the challenges of the difficult financial climate many local areas face at the moment.

Cllr Ken Browse, chair of NALC, said: "The judging panel included representatives from the Department of Communities and Local Government, Local Government Association (LGA), Society of Local Council Clerks, and NALC, as well as the award sponsors.

"The judging panel on the day had to make some very tough and difficult decisions because the standard of entrees were so high. Indeed the judging panel remarked it was wonderful and amazing to see all this incredible community engagement going on in our sector. It was a day to make us proud of the sector!"

The winners in each category were announced at the Star Councils 2015 Awards Ceremony at the NALC Annual Conference in Birmingham on 19th October 2016. The Awards were hosted by Lord Matthew Taylor, president of NALC.


Date Posted: 30th January 2017

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