Museum Launches Battle of Britain Podcast Series

Museum Launches Battle of Britain Podcast Series

2010 marks the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. To commemorate this defining moment in the history of the Royal Air Force, the Royal Air Force Museum has, today, launched the first of twelve monthly podcasts which will explore throughout 2010 the history and mythology behind this legendary aerial conflict.

Deputy Director of the Museum, Air Vice-Marshal retired, Peter Dye states “The Battle of Britain is so engrained in our national memory that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between fact and mythology. It was the RAF’s Finest Hour, when its fighter pilots, The Few, were all that stood between this small island nation and subjugation. The image of white contrails against the fierce blue sky of the English summer has come to symbolise the Battle. Such is popular memory; yet the fighting actually took place across much of the country – and not always against a blue sky. The Battle was fought not only by airmen from many countries but also by the entire nation, as participants in the air and on the ground, as victims, or simply as witnesses to the frantic battles fought in the skies above their heads.”

“In this in-depth podcast series, the Royal Air Force Museum will examine the stories that have grown up around the Battle, throwing light on its history and mythology but never forgetting the individual men and women so instrumental to the RAF’s success. It will explore the tensions that existed between commanders and the technological advancements that were critical in determining the Battle’s final outcome.”

“We also aim to address many of the misconceptions about the fighting, ranging from its duration (more than one day) to the actual composition of Fighter Command (airmen from over 12 nations participated). The series will fittingly conclude in December with audio recordings made by the Museum over the last 40 years, telling – in their own words - the stories of the pilots that fought the Battle of Britain, together with readings taken from their memoirs.”

“ This podcast series represents a major undertaking by the Museum, which we are confident will capture the imagination of the general public and, just as importantly, serve as a tribute to all those that defended our nation and safeguarded liberty during the dark days of 1940.”

To listen to this podcast series, please go to

The Royal Air Force Museum Cosford, home of the world’s oldest Spitfire is open daily from 10am – 6pm. Entry to the Museum is FREE. For further information about the Museum’s podcast series and calendar of Battle of Britain events at Cosford please call the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford on 01902 376 200 or visit the museum website,


Date Posted: 25th January 2010

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