Museum Honours Ethnic Minorities in New Exhibition

Museum Honours Ethnic Minorities in New Exhibition

The diversity of the Royal Air Force along with its multi ethnic past and present is celebrated in a new permanent exhibition.

To celebrate the contribution that members of the Afro-Caribbean, Asian, East European and other ethnic communities have made to the growth and development of the Royal Air Force, as well as the defence of the U.K. during times of adversity, the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford will be honouring their achievements with a permanent exhibition 'Diversity in the Royal Air Force'.

The exhibition will be officially unveiled on 14th January 2009 in the presence of Squadron Leader Mohinder Singh Pujji, an Indian national who flew Hurricanes for the RAF during World War II. He will be joined by current serving members of the RAF from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and local school children from Alexandra Primary School.

The exhibition tells the story of the RAF's diversity from 1918 to the present date. It highlights brave men such as Group Captain Larry Osbourne OBE the first Afro-Caribbean Officer to reach this rank having joined the Royal Air Force from Trinidad as a Navigator in 1943; and women like the Indian Princess Noor Inayat Khan (WAAF) GC MBE, who was the first woman operator to infiltrate enemy occupied France during World War II and received the George Cross.

An active supporter of the Commission for Racial Equality the Royal Air Force has welcomed, since its earliest days, service men and women from all sections of society on the basis of their talent, drive and ambition. In 'Diversity in the Royal Air Force' we celebrate them, their talents and honour their contributions, inviting members of their communities and the wider population to do the same.

Entrance to the Museum and the exhibition is FREE. There is also FREE onsite parking.

Date Posted: 8th January 2009

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