Marmalade Champions of the World!

Marmalade Champions of the World!

Ludlow Food Centre in Shropshire has defended its title as one of the best marmalade makers in the world.

The World Marmalade Festival, held for the fourth year, on February 14, at Dalemain Mansion and Historic Gardens near Penrith, attracted over 800 entries for its marmalade competition, including 110 entries in the Artisan category. The Ludlow Food Centre consolidated its 2009 double gold win by winning a gold award in the Artisan category with its Hand Cut Seville Orange Marmalade.  The Centre was also awarded a silver award for the more traditional ‘Lady Windsor’s Marmalade’ that is based on a historic family recipe. 

Over 1500 people attended the festival which raises money for ‘Hospice At Home’ and ‘Help For Heroes’ with money from both the competition and the admissions going to help the charities.  Among the sponsors for the event was Fortnum & Mason who will be stocking the winning entries, including the Food Centre’s Hand Cut variety, in their prestigious shop in London’s Piccadilly.

Darren Marsh, Tess Slater and Pam Greenham make up the award winning team at the Food Centre who were extremely happy to win at the festival for the second year running.  Darren says, ‘It is such an honour to win two years running and even better that our first opportunity to sell our marmalade outside of the Food Centre is going to be at Fortnum & Mason.’

The Food Centre’s winning marmalade will be unveiled, and available to taste, in London on March 8th at a special Marmalade Breakfast to be held in the Gallery Restaurant at Fortnum & Mason.

Sandy Boyd, Managing Director at the Food Centre says, ‘It is really exciting that our very simple policy of hand making our jams and marmalades, without additives, using traditional methods and recipes has again brought us success.  I am also thrilled that the first wholesaler of our marmalade is Fortnum & Mason who are without doubt one of the most prestigious and best food outlets in London.’

Date Posted: 24th February 2010

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