Ludlow Food Centre complete Marmalade production milestone

Ludlow Food Centre complete Marmalade production milestone

A local food producer has just completed a milestone in the production of marmalade.

The Ludlow Food Centre’s jam and pickle making team (Darren Marsh, Tess Slater and Pam Greenham) put the lid on the last jar of this year’s award winning marmalade making the total a massive 8855 jars in just 7 weeks.  The team work in a glass fronted workshop in the Food Centre where customers can see what they are making and how they make it.  Uniquely, this means that customers can watch the whole process and understand how the jar of marmalade they buy is made.

Following their success at the World Marmalade Festival in February when they won a gold and silver medal the Food Centre have begun supplying Fortnum and Mason in London’s Piccadilly.  The two varieties being supplied to Fortnum’s are Lady Windsor’s Marmalade and the Centre’s Hand Cut variety.  Every jar is made using Seville oranges that come from a single co-operative in Spain and each orange has to be boiled, then peeled, juiced and de-pipped by hand.

Darren Marsh said, ‘It’s been a very intensive process and we have had to work really hard to make the most of the Seville season... we won’t be sorry if we don’t see another orange for a while!’

The Food Centre has used more than 2 tonnes of Seville oranges in their marmalade production with every jar being filled and labelled on the premises by hand.

Date Posted: 24th March 2010

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