Ludlow Food Centre celebrate National BBQ Week

Ludlow Food Centre celebrate National BBQ Week

Alfresco eaters all over the country are looking forward to the 14th ‘National Barbeque Week’. This celebration of all things char grilled runs from May 31st to June 6th but this year it has been renamed ‘National Braai Week’.

The new name is to celebrate the Football World Cup taking place in South Africa.  ‘Braa’i is the Afrikaans word for barbeque and a whole package of activities have been arranged including the creation of 32 individual traditional Barbeque recipes that are available to download from

In Shropshire, the Ludlow Food Centre have got involved by developing some new barbeque recipes for this year’s National Barbeque Week .  John Brereton, Head Butcher at the Food Centre, said,

“In previous years it’s been hard to anticipate whether barbeque food will sell so we are hoping that a good spell of weather and England doing well at the World Cup will make people want to get the barbeque out and try something new”

John and his team in the Food Centre’s butchery have worked on new recipes such as Beef Swirls using marinated minute steaks that are rolled up and skewered ready for cooking.  John has also produced Chicken Satays, Lamb Kebabs and Ranch Steaks to broaden the appeal of the barbeque beyond common burgers and bangers.  The beef, lamb and rare breed Gloucester Old Spot pork is all reared on the Earl of Plymouth’s Oakly Park Estate surrounding Ludlow and John is able to select livestock himself,

‘Because we butcher whole carcasses we have to be inventive and imaginative to make sure we utilise all the different cuts.  There are many cuts that are great for barbequing and we have tried to show customers how this can be done’

The Centre is also aiming to compete with the supermarkets on price but is sticking to its policy of only using local meat, believing that local barbequers should use local produce. 

Tom Hunt, Marketing Manager says

‘We want to give customers variety and locally reared meat that doesn’t cost the earth.  Although we can’t compete with the supermarkets buying power we save on distribution because our meat never leaves the county.  This means we can offer our customers the best quality, local barbeque products that are great value for money’

Date Posted: 21st May 2010

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