Local Loaves for Lammas made in Ludlow

Local Loaves for Lammas made in Ludlow

A local Food Centre is getting involved in the Real Bread Campaign’s ‘Local Loaves for Lammas’ event that takes place on July 31st and August 1st.

The Ludlow Food Centre’s bakery team have created a brand new loaf for the event to celebrate real bread made with British flour.  The Lammas festival is an ancient event that has been brought in to the 21st century by the Real Bread Campaign to encourage bakers throughout the country to bake using traditional methods and local ingredients.  Ludlow Food Centre’s bakery team (Anna, Brenda, Katie and Louise) have created a tomato and basil loaf that has been affectionately called a ‘Tomato and Basil Scrumble’.  The ‘Scrumble’ is so called because of the rustic way it is made, essentially ‘scrumbling’ all the ingredients together and baking without the use of tin. 

Anna says,‘it’s nice to experiment but we are so busy it is difficult to find time.  The Real Bread Campaign is a great excuse to get creative so we have looked to do something completely different.  We have wanted to do a speciality bread like this for a while and we’ve been really encouraged by the sales so far...so much so that we may carry on making it after Lammas’

The Real Bread Campaign is funded by the Big Lottery Fund’s Local Food Programme which aims to encourage small, artisan producers and multinationals to make bread fun and interesting but most of all to do this using local ingredients.  Chris Young of the Real Bread Campaign says,

‘Real bakeries like Anna’s at the Food Centre play a really important role in our local communities, providing not only great, all-natural food but also offering meaningful jobs and other social benefits on our doorsteps. Lammas is a great chance for everyone in the area to get along to show their support and help to make sure that they don’t lose such a valuable asset.’

The Real Bread Campaign is a part of Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming. The Campaign champions locally-baked, additive-free bread and finds ways to make all loaves better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.

Date Posted: 4th August 2010

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