Home Sweet Home At The Market Hall in Shrewsbury

Home Sweet Home At The Market Hall in Shrewsbury

Whether it's the traditional liquorice, the re-branded opal fruits or retro classics like shrimps and floral gums, one new tenant at the Market Hall is capitalising on our nostalgic yearnings.

John Millington, owner of iCandy is marking his first week trading at The Market Hall in Shrewsbury by inviting shoppers to send him further suggestions for sweets he should stock.

John opened for business at The Market Hall on Wednesday, April 15th and has seen a steady stream of customers.

"There has certainly been a return to popular traditional sweets, I think it has something to do with our associations with childhood that some sweets have more of a meaning to us than others" said John Millington.

Whilst his traditional sweets have gone down a treat, John has also seen his retro confectionary and those sweets which have just come to market popular amongst the Shrewsbury shoppers.

"The Market Hall is ideally positioned as a place where people can come and enjoy a diverse mix of goods and this now includes confectionary" said John.

If you would like to make a suggestion to John about a particular sweet which means something to you, simply email iCandysweets@live.co.uk.

"It is fantastic that John has joined us at the Market Hall, said market adminstration manager, Kate Gittins.

"This just further enhances our diverse portfolio of tenants and we wish John all the success with his confectionary business".

iCandy is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 8.30am - 4pm and Friday 8.30am -4.30pm.

For more information about The Market Hall visit: www.markethallshrewsbury.co.uk

Date Posted: 5th May 2009

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