German World Service comes to Shrewsbury

German World Service comes to Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury has played host to a journalist from the German World Service this week to promote the town's connections with Charles Darwin.

Dr Irene Quaile-Kersken visited the town as part of a planned visit to the UK to visit the places associated with Charles Darwin in this special anniversary year.

The visit included a Darwin tour of the town with Jon King of Destination Shrewsbury incorporating the new Darwin town trail and a visit to the Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery which is currently showing the new Darwin exhibition. To continue the Darwin theme, Dr Quaile-Kersken will stayed at the Lion hotel which was where Darwin himself stayed before making his way to catch The Beagle.

Commenting on the visit, Sarah Whittall, Senior Marketing Officer at Shropshire Tourism said, 'This press visit from the German World Service was an excellent opportunity for Shrewsbury to continue to promote its Darwin connections to potential visitors and the overseas market. It went really well and of course it was also an opportunity not to be missed to promote the celebrations that are planned throughout the year to celebrate the 200th birthday of the towns most famous son.

This visit from the German World Service is the latest overseas press visit hosted as part of Shrewsburys Darwin Celebrations. Next week as part of the birthday celebrations on the 12th February, a film crew from the national Spanish television channel TVE will also be visiting the town to film proceedings.

For further information on the Darwin events and celebrations taking place in the town and on Darwin's birthday on Thursday 12th February visit

Date Posted: 6th February 2009

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