Find The Perfect Cure At The Market Hall

Find The Perfect Cure At The Market Hall

A leading delecatessen in the Market Hall is offering Shrewsbury shoppers the opportunity to become Baconistas next week as part of a national campaign.

Mel Ling of Cook & Carve is dedicating national Bacon Connoisseurs' Week to all things bacon with a sweet cure recipe originating in the USA.

The Market Hall will host a week of taste testing of six varieties of bacon, including the sweet cured Oregon and more traditional varieties such as Oak Smoked.

The Oregon cure is nitrate free and developed over the course of a three stage process. First the bacon is coated in salt and cayenne pepper before being washed off after a week. The bacon is then coated in salt, juniper berries and white pepper. The flour and water is mixed, put on the bacon to form a crust and then the bacon is placed in a cotton pillow case to dry out.

"Most people would agree that Juniper berries and pepper do not sound like the most obvious flavour combination. However the berries help to enhance and develop the full flavour of the bacon rather than overwhelm it, creating a very interesting alternative to the more commonly available cures." explained Mel.

Bacon Connoisseurs' Week takes place between Monday, March 16th and Sunday March 22nd and is focused on enlightening the British Consumer to the choice and breadth of quality of the premium bacon cures available in the UK.

"This is the perfect opportunity to raise people's awareness of the range of premium bacon available at The Market Hall" said market administration manager Kate Gittins.

"We are delighted that Mel has decided to take part in Bacon Connoisseurs' Week and we wish him every success."

To try the Oregon Bacon for yourself, or any of Mel Ling's other varieties, visit The Market Hall on Tuesday, March 17th and Wednesday, March 18th between 12pm and 2pm and Friday, March 20th and Saturday, March 21st between 10am and 3pm.

Cook and Carve has appeared in Henrietta Green's Food Lovers Guide to Britain and is a family run business that produces its bacon from home-produced locally sourced pigs.

Date Posted: 11th March 2009

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