Derby Day Down at the Farm

Derby Day Down at the Farm in

This Sunday sees the dawn of another first down at Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom near Telford, Shropshire.

After pioneering Sheep Steeplechasing 20 years ago and introducing Goat Racing to the nation back in 2004, Sunday will see the first official time that the Sheep – Goat Derby will be run. With 8 runners, 4 sheep and 4 goats, the event looks set to be a classic. When questioned about this unique race, owner and former amateur jockey Edward Dorrell said “The goat kids and lambs have regularly had to compete over the years for their bottled milk and it was quite often an even competition. We decided to see if this would translate into success over the racecourse and sure enough it was a real spectacle. Although sheep are traditionally considered the faster of the two, the goats will be running on their home turf so the result could go either way!”

Spectators also have the chance to “own” their favourite sheep or goat for the day, with the owner of the winning animal receiving a bottle of champagne.

As well as the Sheep – Goat Derby and the Famous Sheep Steeplechase, all the regular events will be taking place throughout the day, including the bottle feeding of the lambs and goats, meet the small animals, deer feeding, wildlife area tour, meet the reptiles and the pony rides.

The Sheep – Goat Derby will be under starter’s orders at 3.15pm.

Date Posted: 6th June 2011

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