Darwin Stamps to be launched

Darwin Stamps to be launched

Royal Mail is launching a range of new stamps to commemorate the bi-centenary of Charles Darwin. The grand unveiling of the six new designs will take place on February 12th; the 200th birthday of the man himself, in his birthplace of Shrewsbury.

The stamps have been produced in a jigsaw theme to demonstrate how the areas of Darwin's studies; zoology, botany, geology, ornithology and anthropology, came together to produce his theory of natural selection and his work, On the Origin of Species.

Royal Mail has expressed its pleasure to be releasing the stamps and hopes that as many people as possible will turn out at 10am at Shrewsbury Library to be some of the first to glimpse the new range.

Mike Dalton, of Royal Mail, said: "I am delighted that we're launching these marvellous new stamps and that Royal Mail is able to play a major part in the celebrations that the town is planning to mark this historic year."

Sarah Whittall, Senior Marketing Officer for Shropshire Tourism has commented, "The unveiling of these commemorative stamps is an integral part of the Darwin birthday celebrations taking place on Thursday. I'm sure Darwin would have given them his seal of approval and I hope that members of the public and Darwin well-wishers will too."

For further information on other Darwin celebrations that will be taking place in the town visit www.discoverdarwin.co.uk

Date Posted: 6th February 2009

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