Darwin Descendant Re-Creates Beagle Voyage

Darwin Descendant Re-Creates Beagle Voyage

The great great granddaughter of Charles Darwin attempts to re-create the Beagle voyage

Sarah Darwin joined a group of scientists and historians including Hollywood a-lister John Malcovich for a re-creation of the epic Beagle voyage initially undertaken by Charles Darwin. 

The recreation which will be filmed for a new series to be shown on Belgian and Dutch television is being undertaken in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin who was born in Shrewsbury

The crew recently set sail from Plymouth and will travel across the Atlantic to Brazil and Patagonia, around Cape Horn and up the west coast of South America, from the Andes mountain range to the Galapagos Islands, across the Pacific to Australia and back to Europe via the Cape of Good Hope.

For more information on the voyage click here

Date Posted: 2nd September 2009

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