Darwin: Celebrate the man and inspire the future naturalist

Darwin: Celebrate the man and inspire the future naturalist

The 12th February 2009 is the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth and what better way to celebrate his birthday than to inspire the next generation of naturalists to get outdoors and explore nature with The Curious Mind of Young Darwin published by Shrewsbury based charity the Field Studies Council.

The Curious Mind of Young Darwin book is packed full of hints and tips for young naturalists that can help you and your children to explore your local environment just as Charles Darwin did 200 years ago.  Join 12-year-old Charles 'Gas' Darwin as he prepares pitfall traps in his garden, hunts for the green tiger beetle, carries out kitchen experiments with milk, oil and treacle, goes tree beating, explores the structure of flowers with a magnifying glass, and carries out many other investigations. 

Based on letters and stories from Charles Darwin's childhood, this book is a creative look into an energetic young mind, and is packed with tantalising questions and experiments to help todays young, curious nature detectives learn more about the natural world. Find practical advice from the young Darwin on making a natural history collection, carrying out simple chemical experiments and making the most of your time spent outdoors. Written to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth in 2009 and part of the county celebrations which will be taking place in Shrewsbury. Published by the Field Studies Council (FSC) and Shrewsbury and Atcham Borough council, this book is an essential guide for any budding young naturalist.

'This is young Darwin's Voice. Join him outside, look far and close, ask how and why, think
of ways to find answers, try them out and keep exploring.'

Randal Keynes, Darwins great great grandson.

The curious mind of young Darwin is available for 8.95 plus 2 postage and package, booksellers and trade order discounts are available. To order a copy and help your child become the next Charles Darwin please contact FSC Publications on 01743 852140 or via email publications@field-studies-council.org or alternatively visit our website www.field-studies-council.org/publications.
The FSC (Field Studies Council) is an independent educational charity that works through a network of residential and day centres in the UK providing courses for schools and colleges at all levels. Leisure learning and professional development courses are offered throughout the UK.  The FSC also provides outreach education, training and consultancy and publishes many titles to support its work.  Full details are on the website www.field-studies-council.org

Review Copies of The Curious Mind of Young Darwin are available on request. Written by Sara Bellis of Shropshire Wildlife Trust, with Caroline Cook and Jenni Taylor of Field Studies Council. Illustrations are by Lyanne Mitchell.

Date Posted: 6th February 2009

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