Crucible Of The Vampire

Crucible Of The Vampire

Shropshire is no stranger to filmmaking. Over the years it’s cinematic landscapes and beautiful historical buildings have been depicted in movies such as ‘Atonement’ with Keira Knightley and James McAvoy , Oscar nominated ‘Howard’s End’ and Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’. All watched by international audiences.

Following in these film footsteps is Shropshire based Ghost Dog Films, an independent film production company run by Producer Amanda Murray and Writer/Director Iain Ross-McNamee. Their second feature film, ‘Crucible Of The Vampire’ was shot entirely in Shropshire during Spring 2016.

Described as a Gothic vampire thriller, it tells the story of an ancient, cursed artefact which draws a young university researcher to an old country manor which holds a dark and terrible secret.

The young woman discovers the truth within the grim foreboding walls of the house, but once in the clutches of its malevolent occupants, will she be able to leave with her life?

Tori from Shropshire Tourism caught up with Producer Amanda Murray to ask about the places that featured in the film.

“Filming took place in several atmospheric locations in the county “ said Amanda. “Rowley’s House, the iconic black and white building in the centre of Shrewsbury stands in as the University office where Isabelle (Katie Goldfinch) meets with her Professor. We filmed several interior scenes in the 17th century Mansion .

“Scenes were also filmed on the Isle Estate which sits on the banks of the River Severn. Dean Price from the Estate’s Livery Yard worked with us when we filmed a sequence of Scarlet (Florence Cady) riding a horse”.

Men Behaving Badly legend Neil Morrissey, stars in the film and Amanda continued, “shooting our scenes with Neil at The Nags Head in Pontesbury caused a bit of a stir! One half of the pub needed to be closed down and partitioned off to allow us to film and bring in all our lighting equipment. Of course the other half of the pub was also very interested in what was going on and word soon quickly got out.

“Neil and most of our actors were well looked after and accommodated at the stylish Inn at Grinshill during the shoot which was conveniently close to our filming locations”.

Several historical scenes including the dramatic opening sequence with former Eastenders star, Brian Croucher were shot in the stunning Shropshire Hills not far from where ‘Gone to Earth’ was filmed almost 70 years ago. “Months of winter rain had made the ground extremely muddy” said Amanda “but fortunately we had dry days when we were filming.

“Shropshire is an amazing county to film in. With so much stunning scenery, original buildings and captivating landscapes, we have decided to shoot our next film here, which is scheduled for filming in early 2018”.

The team are now on the hunt for potential locations for their third feature film. “We are especially interested in large old houses, cellars, dilapidated old buildings, tunnels, dramatic landscapes that typify Shropshire, places and buildings with character and history” said Amanda, “plus of course we will be looking for good value accommodation for our actors”.

Please contact Amanda Murray direct if you have any ideas or suggestions of suitable locations 07834 855618




Date Posted: 20th April 2017

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