Blists Hill Victorian Town asks visitors to ‘Love Your Museum’

Blists Hill Victorian Town asks visitors to ‘Love Your Museum’

Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 April 2010

As part of the Art Fund Prize’s national initiative to encourage people to ‘Love their Museum’, Blists Hill Victorian Town is taking part in a special ‘Love Your Museum’ weekend on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April.  As one of the Art Fund Prize’s long-listed museums Blists Hill Victorian Town is encouraging all of its visitors to demonstrate how much they love the recreated Victorian town by shouting ‘Love your Museum’ at the top of their voice at 11.30am on Sat 11 April.  This will be done simultaneously at all 11 of the long-listed Museums.  Visitors to Blists Hill will be aided by the rousing voice of Martin Wood, Shrewsbury Town Crier. 

Over the weekend other activities at the open-air museum will include a workshop in which visitors are able to make 2D models (from recycled cardboard) of their favourite exhibit or character at Blists Hill.  These will then be assembled in the Goods Shed making a fantastic Victorian townscape in miniature.

Visitors wishing to understand how the Museum recreated a Victorian street will be treated to curatorial tours around the new developments which explain the secrets of sourcing authentic materials and the detailed research which was used to inform the designers.

The purpose of The Art Fund Prize for museums and galleries is to recognise and stimulate originality and excellence in museums and galleries in the UK, and increase public appreciation and enjoyment of all they have to offer.  A single award of £100,000 is presented to a museum or gallery whose entry, in the opinion of the judges, best meets the Prize criteria through a project completed or mainly undertaken in the previous calendar year. The public have been invited to vote for their favorite long-listed museum by logging onto  Whilst Blists Hill Victorian Town is currently ahead of the competition other museums are quickly catching up, consequently visitors are being encouraged to vote for Blists Hill.

A Passport, to all ten of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums valid for twelve months and multiple return visits, costs £21.95 per adult, £17.60 for the 60 plus, £14.25 for students and children and £59.95 for a family of two adults and three children aged up to 18 years in full time education; under 5s free.

The museums are open seven days a week from 10am until 5pm; activities and workshops vary day-to-day and some carry an extra charge in addition to the museum admission fee, for further information, contact Ironbridge Visitor Information Centre on Tel: 01952 884 391 or visit

Date Posted: 1st April 2010

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